Why Managed Starlink?

What makes our Managed Starlink' services unique and different:

  • Full management of your Starlink service.
  • A business-class SLA with unsurpassed support.
  • Pre-configuration and testing of the Starlink equipment.
  • White glove professional installation services.
  • Static IPv4 addressing and subnetting for VPNs, RDP, etc.
  • Custom QoS to optimize critical applications over the Starlink service.
  • Unique application routing capabilities when combined with multiple links.
  • Seamless failover when combined with multiple links.
  • Integrated DDoS protection from online threats.
  • 24/7 network monitoring and reporting.

What are the average bandwidth speeds our customers can expect?

  • E-SMB: 25-100Mbps x 2-15Mbps, < 50ms Latency, max 200Mbps
  • Flex: 50-150Mbps x 5-20Mbps, < 40ms Latency, max 300Mbps
  • E-Flex: 100-300Mbps x 10-40Mbps (combined), < 40ms Latency, max 500Mbps
  • Gigabit: 300-750Mbps x 30-150Mbps (combined), < 30ms Latency, max 1Gbps
  • E-Gigabit: 300-750Mbps x 30-150Mbps (combined), < 30ms Latency, max 880Gbps

The Enterprise accounts include date priority and higher performance.
We expect these numbers to continue to improve as additional satellites are deployed

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